Teaching our kids the values of true friendship is very important. Use that book to help your child with this topic.


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Teach Your Children the Power of True Friendship

Being a good friend requires you to always be there, and go to great lengths to help a friend in need. By reading this book to your child, you can teach them that a true friend will go great lengths to make their friend feel better.

Monkey and Rabbit are the jungle’s unlikely best friends, and they are inseparable. But after an accident, Rabbit becomes distant from Monkey. But Monkey isn’t going to let this friendship go. He seeks Gorilla, the wisest animal in the jungle, to give him advice. Gorilla’s advice, however, isn’t what Monkey expected. Gorilla can make Monkey a potion for Rabbit, but he needs the whisker of Tiger, the most feared animal in the jungle, as an ingredient.

  • Can Monkey get the whisker from Tiger?
  • Will Gorilla’s potion work? Why does it need Tiger’s whisker?
  • Can Monkey save his friendship with Rabbit?

Gorilla’s Wisdom is an exciting story that will teach your child how valuable friendship is. As Monkey conquers his fears to save his friendship with Rabbit, your child can learn to do the same. It also teaches children about the wisdom of elders, and teaches them to face their fears.

One lesson which you will walk away with after reading this book is best expressed in this inspirational by Arnold H. Glasgow’s, “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” This story will teach your children how to help a friend in need, and will teach them what lengths you should go to in order to help that friend.

Gorilla’s Wisdom makes a great story for any parent to read to your kids, and its simplistic writing makes it a good for children just learning how to read. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, you can’t go wrong reading this book. It has illustrations that will expand the imagination of your child, a lesson any child can understand, and an exciting story filled with twists and turns that will make any child want to keep reading.

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